Here are some key terms and definitions to keep you looking sharp in front of your knowledgeable adventure bro’s!

Stand-Up Paddleboard



Stay in the know with this key verbiage:


Amped (verb.): amp-ed:

-The action of being extremely excited/happy.


Bail (verb.): bay-el:

– The action of jumping/falling off your skateboard, bike, etc.


Bomb (verb.): bo-mm:

-The action of going at a high rate of speed down a hill.


Bolts (adj.): boll-ts:

– A term describing when the rider has landed his feet on both bolts of the trucks on his skateboard/ A term for a perfect landing.


Bonked (adj.): Bohn-ked:

-Used to describe someone who is extremely tired.


Brappp (noun.): bra-hh-ppp

-The sound a motocross bike makes as it accelerates.


Bro (adj.): bra-oh

-A term used for a friend. Dude/man are synonyms.


Brown Pow (adj.): brow-neh-pa-ow

-A term used for the best dirt to mountain bike or dirt bike on.


Buttery (adj): but-er-ey

-Describing something (trick, jump or landing) that was very smooth.


Carve (verb.): car-veh

-The action of cutting back and forth down the mountain while snowboarding.


Casing it (verb.): cahs-eng-it

-The term used when a rider on a bike lands flat on his wheels, typically used when the back wheel hits first.


Cha/chi/che (inter.): chyeah/chei/chee

-A term used in place of saying yes or for sure.


Cherry Dirt (phrase.): chair-ey-dert

-A phrase used to describe good dirt to ride on. See brown pow above.


Drop-In (verb.): drahp-ien

-The action of riding your skateboard into a bowl or other downhill area.


Dialed-in (adj.): die-ald

– A term used to describe someone who is extremely focused and ready for their next action.


Endo (noun.): en-doe

-An Endo is a trick where the front-brake is pushed and the back tire comes off the ground.


Epic (adj.): eeh-pick

-A term used to describe something that is extremely cool.


Fakie (verb.): fah-keey

– An action when a skateboarder rides with his stance forward, but moves backwards.”


For days (phrase.): for-days

-A phrase that means for an extended amount of time.


Grom (adj.) gr-om

-A term used to describe a newbie into the sport of surfing.


Gnar(ly) (adj.): nar-ly

-A term used to describe that is tough or brutal.


Goofy (adj.): gew-fey

-A term for skateboarders and snowboarders that ride with their right foot forward, the opposite of regular stance.


Hairy (adj.): har-ey

-A term used for a difficult or hard situation.


Heavy (adj.): hev-ee

-An enormously large wave or feature.


Ill (adj.): ie-ll

-A term used to describe something cool or sick.


Janky (adj.): jayne-key

-A term used to describe something that isn’t up to standards.


Jibb(ing) (verb): Jib-bing

-Used to describe the action of sliding across at box, table or rail on a snowboard or skis.


Killer (adj.): kill-aer

-A term used to describe anything awesome.


Mongo (verb.): mon-go

-When a skateboarder pushes with his back foot instead of his front foot.


Nug (verb): Nuh-g

-A photo taken that is prime and exceptional.


Overshot (adj.): oh-ver-shot

-Used to describe when someone goes too far on a jump and misses the landing.


Parcozi (adj) Par-co-zee

-A term used to describe the feeling of utter relief and joy.


Pitted (adj): Pit-ted

-Used when a surfer is deep in the barrel of a wave.


Poser (adj.): poh-ser

-A term used for people who try to be cool or try way too hard.


Pow (noun): Pah-ouh

-A term used to describe deep fluffy snow (powder).


Rad (adj.): rah-d

-Used to describe anything cool or awesome.


Roost (adj): roo-st

-Dirt that is sprayed out/kicked up in the action of riding a mountain bike or dirt bike.


Righteous (adj.): rye-t-ous

-A term for anything that is rad or cool.


Schwap (adj.): Scwa-ph

-A term for anything that sucks or is bad.


Scrub (noun.): Scrah-bub

-A down-low tucking move over a jump for all bike sports.


Sending it (phrase.): Senh-ding-it

– A phrase for launching yourself off a jump.


Session (noun.): Sesh-un

-A word for a long, extended ride.


Shred (verb.): Shreh-d

-An action of riding hard through a course in any action sport.


Sketch (adj.): ska-etch

-A word describing something that is scary and tough.


Snap (noun.): Snah-p.

-The snap is the cut-off on the top of a wave.


Steezy (adj.):

– A descriptive word used when a person lands a clean trick with style.


Stoked (adj.):

– Used in place of excited or happy.


Regular (noun.):

-The normal stance on a skateboard, left foot forward on the board.


Rippin’ (adj.):

-Used to describe someone who is going hard down a course. See Shred above.


Technical (adj.):

-Used to describe tricky, precise and intricate tricks.

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